David and MomDavid is a cheerful eleven-year-old from El Salvador who was born with profound hearing loss in both ears. Hearing aids could not improve his hearing, so in 2006 Childspring International arranged for David to receive a cochlear implant in Atlanta.

After surgery, the then-toddler underwent months of work with an audiologist, a speech therapist, teachers at the Atlanta Speech School, and his mother in order to interpret sounds and begin to speak. Members of Peachtree Road United Methodist Church, where David’s uncle works as a custodian, also served as a support network. By the time they were ready to return home, both David and his mother were nearly fluent in English as well as Spanish.

David has grown into an active child who loves biking, soccer, and swimming. His favorite subject in school is math, and he especially likes multiplying and dividing. After his yearly audiology appointment, David, his mother, and his host sister visited Childspring’s Atlanta office, where staff surprised them with cupcakes and singing in honor of his birthday. His host family also celebrated the occasion with trips to Legoland and Stone Mountain.

David told Childspring staff that he wanted to be a nurse when he grows up, a switch from his previous interest in firefighting.

His mother smiled. “That’s what he wants to do today. Tomorrow, who knows?”

Childspring International is grateful that David now has the opportunity to listen to the world and speak back to it in his own voice.