Olivia-Church-297x338Olivia is a Olivia-before-297x338tough and thoughtful 14-year-old from the Philippines. When she was ten, her mother noticed a curve in her spine. Last year the curve, caused by a condition called dextroscoliosis, began to affect her mobility.

Nine months before her arrival in the U.S., Olivia’s spine curvature was 45 degrees. By her first doctor’s appointment in the States, a growth spurt had caused Olivia’s curvature to nearly double. If it had been any worse, it would have been inoperable. Luckily, she arrived just in time, eager to start on her pathway to health.Olivia-Classmates2-297x338

One day after her surgery, Olivia was sitting up and dangling her feet over the side of the bed. The day after that, she was walking on her very own! She proved extremely resilient and strong-willed throughout the process. Minh, a former Childspring intern who is also Filipina, traveled to Memphis to visit and provide some encouragement.

Thanks in part to a kind donor, Childspring was able to send Olivia home with backpacks full of school supplies that were given to all of her classmates. Childspring loves it when children return home to share the spirit of love with their communities.