Mateus Feb 2015 photo shortsMarch’s Child of the Month is Mateus, a young man from Brazil Mateus 2012-02-26 (1)who was born with a left leg that was significantly shorter than his right. Throughout his childhood, Mateus underwent multiple surgeries intended to lengthen his left leg. Aside from incurring pain, however, they had little effect, so in 2013 Childspring welcomed him to the U.S. to replace the leg with a prosthesis below the knee. His procedure and recovery went smoothly, and he returned home to a life of independence only four months after touching down in the States. Brazilian through and through, his first priority was to get onto the soccer field.

Last month, Mateus received a care package containing socks and sleeves to secure his prosthetic, courtesy of Dan Zenas and Georgia Prosthetics. Friend of Childspring Kacy Brubaker delivered the package to Mateus during her most recent stay in Brazil. According to her, Mateus and his family are doing well. He is now nearly 19 years old, has finished his schooling, and has joined the workforce. He continues to be very enthusiastic about his leg, stating that it still fits well and that he likes how people often don’t realize that it is a prosthetic. Childspring is overjoyed to learn that Mateus is thriving. We love hearing updates from the young people we have served, and feel blessed to have touched the lives of children the world over.