Cropped With English Tutor July 2012April’s Highlight of the Month is Sarvinoz, a Childspring volunteer in Tajikistan. In 2011, she traveled with her then-three-year-old daughter, Shafoat, to the U.S. for surgeries to repair Shafoat’s cleft lip and palate, strabismus, and tear ducts. As Shafoat healed, Childspring provided Sarvinoz with materials to learn English. Since returning home, Sarvinoz has referred more than 8 Tajik children to Childspring International, often opening her home to their families as she collects and shares the child’s medical information with a stateside care coordinator. Sarvinoz is famous in her community for her willingness to help those in need, and families are now arriving at her house from more than six hours away by bus in search of medical care for their children.

Sarvinoz’s compassion is not confined to her role at Sarvinoz airport picChildspring, however. She is also raising two neighbors’ children alongside Shafoat, and she and her mother hostcookouts for residents of a local group home, which other neighbors support with food, decorations, and entertainment.

Childspring knows that its ability to transform children’s lives comes from its community of supporters. We are thankful to have volunteers like Sarvinoz, who work tirelessly to help children with medical needs.